Welcome to the Troy Hill Art Houses.

Thank you very much for your interest in the Troy Hill Art Houses. Saturdays 11-5, Sundays 11-5, Tuesdays 4-8, and Thursdays 4-8. Please visit the ‘Scheduling’ link to book your visit.

La Hütte Royal by Thorsten Brinkmann and Kunzhaus by Robert Kusmirowski are installation art works commissioned by Pittsburgh collector Evan Mirapaul and are projected to be part of a more extensive series. The art houses are private rather than public works. Your visit is as a guest of the owner and should be viewed as a visit to a private home. Docents are proxies for the owner and have full responsibility to moderate how the houses are experienced.

Available appointments can be viewed on the scheduling page. Please complete and submit the scheduling form for the art house you wish to visit. You’ll receive an automated confirmation upon receipt of your booking. Requests will be honored in the order in which they are received. If you wish to see both houses, you will need to request a separate appointment for each house, and you will receive two separate confirmation emails.

  • Showings are by appointment only.

  • Appointment slots are first come first served.

  • Only 6 people are allowed into each house at any one time so availability is limited. If you have more than 6 people in your group, you will need to reserve 2 appointment slots.

  • There is no cost at any time to visit the Art Houses.

  • By the request of the owner, children under the age of 15 are not permitted into the installation.

  • Visitors to the houses should be aware that to successfully see the entire installations, one will be required to deal with multiple flights of stairs, confined spaces, crawling, and ascending a short ladder. The Troy Hill Art Houses are privately owned, and therefore do not comply with ADA regulations. In the past, visitors with physical challenges have successfully seen both houses. Please email us with questions if you are concerned.

  • Street parking is almost always available directly on Rialto Street.

  • By special arrangement, we can occasionally accommodate larger or institutional groups. Please contact us (troyhillarthouses@gmail.com) if you would like to discuss scheduling an event.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the Troy Hill Art Houses.

If you have additional questions or to inquire about visits by larger groups (schools, museums, etc.), please email us at troyhillarthouses@gmail.com .